We strengthen teams and organizations across industries through two lenses, the urgent and strategic. Both are important. Get immediate leadership talent to overcome an array of urgent business needs and challenges, while making progress toward a greater vision of the future for your organization.


Get operational leadership & process redesign expertise.

Where can we make your teams and processes stronger, right now? Let’s solve the immediate gap or challenge you’re facing. Below are some of the urgent needs we’ve helped teams resolve.


We’ll help you build new capabilities with professional project leadership talent.

  • Cybersecurity solutions
  • Complex, cross-party initiatives
  • 3rd-Party Technology implementations
  • BI & Analytics solutions
  • Cloud IT migrations
  • IT Vendor implementations
  • Software Product development
  • Customer Experience design projects


We’ll optimize core business processes by optimizing their use of talent, technology, & data.

  • IT Services Delivery
  • Product Release Management
  • Medical Office Patient Care
  • Trucking & Logistics Workflows
  • Sales Order Processing
  • Project Portfolio Management


We use shared goals and proven team frameworks and disciplines to build great teams.

  • Portfolio Management teams
  • Cybersecurity teams
  • BI & Analytics teams
  • HR teams
  • Technology teams
  • Managed Services teams
  • Logistics teams
  • Manufacturing teams


Build alignment for long-term value creation and profitability.

Across industries, we help companies drive greater value to customers and reduce waste by connecting the dots between their strategy, structure, and decision flow.


Be simple & clear about what’s important (see our process).

  • Company Identity Development
  • Business Driver Analysis
  • Gap & Impediment Analysis
  • Big Vision Development
  • Goal & OKR Development
  • Strategy Communication Planning


Build more strong teams & processes (see our approach).

  • Lean PMOs
  • IT & Software Release Trains
  • BI & Data-Driven Governance
  • Cybersecurity Service Delivery
  • Shared Services Organizations


Get leadership & management training.

  • One-on-Ones
  • Teams

Setting Good Goals & OKRs, Navigating Transitions, New Leaders & Managers, Strategy Development, Work Prioritization, Courage & Conflict, Building Great Teams, Designing Good Processes, Personal Growth, and more.

Today, expertise in a single discipline is not enough.

Edifiers Consulting brings integrated expertise from a variety of disciplines. We are strategists at heart, while grounded in core PMP training and change management to ensure effective coordination, communication, and execution of top priorities. We use business intelligence best practices to design intuitive analytics where you need it most. We apply Enterprise Architecture, IT Operations, and Security frameworks to ensure your organizational capabilities are structured to align with your vision and goals. We leverage Lean and TOC principles and methods to bring focus and a flow-based approach to your company’s governance and increase its speed of decision-making. Our integrated use of Agile patterns and best practices to manage various transformation journeys bring the modern value of maintaining well-managed backlogs, cross-functional and empowered teams, and the completion of work in smaller increments.

The business solutions we build are intuitive, flexible, resourceful, and disciplined. We stay several steps ahead at all times by combining proven methodologies with a broad, systemic perspective. We build powerful delivery systems that yield results over time.

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Edifiers Consulting

We are a management consulting firm based in El Paso, Texas, with a talent network across San Diego, Denver, and Dallas. We specialize in helping leaders build stronger teams and processes that enable and empower people, technology, and data to turn business goals into real results.

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