Our Approach

Our approach helps teams overcome the Threshold of Average Results, accelerating progress today and building the delivery capabilities your organization will need to keep driving strategic outcomes over time.

We take a “dual-lens” approach to breaking past average results.

THE URGENT LENS. Looking through this lens, we want to understand where can we add immediate project, process, and team leadership to help you orchestrate your next strategic initiative or program. This is usually our first step as we begin working with new companies.

THE STRATEGIC LENS. Looking through this lens, we want to effectively braid your vision and strategy into your execution patterns. Team and organizational structures must often be matured or transformed to achieve this. Our approach for doing this is described in Objectives 2-4 below.


Strengthen a team, product, or process.

Where do you need to make progress, right now?


Great projects, processes, and teams feed each other. We’ll bring the leadership and execution expertise you need to any and all of these to resolve your most urgent challenges operational. Learn more on our Consulting Services page.


Prepare your delivery system for growth.


Get clear on strategic goals.

Your strategy ties your purpose to your future and mobilizes your organization to achieve that future. So, beyond your immediate business challenge, it’s essential to establish a high degree of strategic coherence first with your leadership team and then with your operational teams. All teams need to know they are building and accelerating the right things, so you need a good plan for communicating strategy to the whole organization.

You may already have a clear strategic vision and plan. If not, we can help you develop this thoughtfully


Stabilize and mobilize teams & streams.

Teams are the fundamental unit of productivity in your organization so we need to establish predictability and cadence here first. We build teams around three core principals: clear prioritization, shared approach, and valuable results. Some key questions we ask include:

  • How do your teams set goals and prioritize work?
  • How consistently can teams make & meet commitments?
  • How are results validated or tested?

Teams and business processes work hand-in-hand to deliver results, so we’ll identify a vertical slice of your organization in a pilot initiative to prototype a working model of operating model you need to deliver continuous results. This provides a structural model that can be replicated across your organization.


Align governance & add key capabilities.

Once we have more clarity and power within your teams, we want to start building the process capabilities above and around them to enable the work to more easily flow through your organization, end-to-end.

To manage decision-making and priorities, we will define a lean, flow-based governance model that synchronizes and brings focus and speed to your ongoing cycles of planning and execution, at each level of your organization. Metrics are refined to provide greater clarity around both the improvement process and key business results, and can be continually used to guide priorities toward greater profitability and acceleration.


Automate flow & resolve system dependencies.

As you achieve stable, productive teams and better decision flow, we will identify opportunities to automate the right parts of the business and break systemic dependencies across your delivery workflow. We want to remove or manage impediments and dependencies to further modularize multi-disciplinary teams that are built around your organization’s value streams, and grant them the necessary autonomy to innovate and adapt to rapid change. In today’s business environment, this is what it takes to break past average results, and truly accelerate results.


Keep developing your leaders.

Keep getting better, with focused coaching.

Our goal from the beginning of all our engagements is to equip and enable your teams with the proper stability and flexibility they’ll need to sustain the business outcomes we achieve with you. We will train your teams how to set and communicate their own goals as they innovate and drive their own progress toward the strategic plan and vision. We provide leadership coaching as well to support leaders in a variety of essential disciplines that will equip them to help their organizations continue to win.

Let us help you enable your teams and processes.
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