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We help leaders and companies solve their most urgent operational challenges while connecting the dots between their customers, business strategy, processes, technology, and teams. Let us show you how.

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In the next 10 years, about 50% of today’s largest companies will be acquired or go out of business.1  Mid-sized companies face many of the same challenges. 

As these businesses seek to stay competitive and grow, it’s essential for leaders to build modern results-oriented capabilities into their companies that align with their business strategy and empower teams to consistently deliver results to customers. The journey of champions starts with a clear understanding of your company’s current level of preparedness to compete, and where you’ll need to be in the near future.

Better outcomes can't wait. Your business needs them now.

Some of the most common transformational priorities and strategic outcomes we’ve seen include:

Internal Predictability

Broken, unstable processes, oor communication, missed deadlines… when your business suffers from unpredictability, you can’t trust your next improvment effort. Predictability is one of the first outcomes we produce during our engagements. We build from here.

Strategic Clarity

Responding quickly to your customers’ emerging needs and preferences is more important than ever. Early and recurring feedback must become a regular part of your product development process. We can help you streamline this feedback loop.

Navigating the Scaling Challenge

Growth is good, but scaling an enterprise introduces a myriad of complexities that, if ignored, will cause a growth plateau in the future–and missed opportunities. We’ll help you build for the future.

Better Quality

Growth is good, but the complexities that come with it introduce risks to quality and costly delays. We will ensure your quality management scales well with the rest of your business.

Lower Fixed Costs

As an organization grows, it must continually work to standardize and automate its business processes. We’ll provide the strategic and operational patterns you need to do this again and again.

Faster ROI

Long planning processes are not effective or reliable in today’s world. Your production and innovation cycles must deliver faster. We’ll help your teams work smarter and help you build organizational structures to meet this new reality.

To thrive in today’s market, teams at every level of your company must be built to consistently deliver strategic results fast.

A structure-oriented transformation of your operations can be planned, measured, and achieved in a transparent, controlled way. To begin, we will start with a smaller scale pilot within your organization, so you can benefit from real improvements quickly. We will identify the key impediments to your company’s progress and work with you to develop a tranformation strategy that acknowledges your current state while implementing key changes across team, business unit, and enterprise levels.

The improvement initiatives worth your investment are the ones that solve your immediate business problem, deliver results early, and build for the future.

“I’ve been in this business for over 30 years, working at PwC and EDS, where I was a service provider for over 9,000 different customers in every industry… I would place Joe and the team he has helped me build in a class above all the others.”

Service Provider, Dallas

We help leaders and teams at any organizational level innovate faster and drive better outcomes.

Whether you’re a CEO, VP, or manager, we can help you and your teams safely connect the dots between your business strategy, processes, technology, and teams. We’ve helped our clients achieve some of their most strategic goals and initiatives. Learn more about our consulting services.

We help the large and small alike.

We’ve worked with a growing list of amazing companies across industries, including cybersecurity, healthcare, IT, manufacturing, logistics, and software development.

I have helped many companies build and improve the maturity of cybersecurity, IT audit and IT risk management functions over the years, but have never experienced the forward shifts in maturity has quickly has I have done with Edifiers Consulting as my partner.

CISO, Real Estate company

“Joe is as much an innovator and process architect as he is a manager. He is not constrained in how his industry does things and constantly came up with ways to help me produce processes which are faster, better, and cheaper to operate.”

IT Vice President, Dallas

“It was remarkable how Edifiers was able to help us clear the fog in our thinking and see how everything was suppose to fit together…I highly recommend.”

Executive Director, Texas Nonprofit

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We are a management consulting firm based in El Paso, Texas. We help leaders and companies solve their most urgent operational challenges while connecting the dots between their customers, business strategy, processes, technology, and teams.

1 Bloomberg market data, 2017.

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