The Nature of Leadership

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Leadership is a gift you exercise for the benefit of those around you. It possesses these three enduring qualities.

It is authentic.

At its heart, the gift of leadership is the ability to connect with others—with their head (logic), heart (motivation), and hands (talents)—and to connect them with a value-creating purpose. This is done through a demonstrated congruence between words and actions.

It is honorable.

The gift of leadership is proven by others–it is not self-proclaimed. Whenever someone chooses to trust the ideas and values of another person without being manipulated or deceived, leadership has just happened. Manipulation and deception themselves are self-serving and invite ambitions of self-service within its ranks. By contrast, honest leadership honors others’ freedom.

It is outward-facing.

Your gift of leadership inevitably grows as you remain outward-facing in purpose and motivation, focused on meeting the needs of others.  It will stop growing whenever you turn your focus inward and become self-serving in motivation and action.  Leadership’s innately outward posture inspires others to imitate it.

When your gift of leadership is authentic, honorable, and outward-facing, how could anyone who either needs help or is eager to grow as an effective leader not want to pursue the same? At the end of the day, leadership is about becoming trustworthy with the needs and interests of others. As you consider how you’d like to grow your gift of leadership, think about what it takes for someone else to earn your trust, then make it your goal to offer this to others.

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