We are a structure-first business consulting firm which helps companies build for the future with system-level solutions that connect the dots between business strategy, information, technology, and teams.

Edifiers Consulting was founded on the belief that in every strength is an opportunity to build others up. We bring a relatable expertise to bear on our client engagements—expertise without the ego. We seek to build real operational muscle within our clients’ organizations enabling them to producing great results long after we’ve left.

What We Believe

Strength is for building others up.

This is our core belief and it extends beyond business—it is how we understand ourselves in a much larger context. The world does not revolve around our business, but rather, it’s our responsibility to continually hone our strengths and offer them as an advantage for others.

Effective creativity is courageous.

We push ourselves and our clients to think outside the normal swim lanes of work. Innovation required risk-taking on the frontiers of what is conventional and what is possible. We don’t reinvent wheels if we don’t have to, but we also don’t accept a decent solution when there are better ones nearby. We leverage our imagination for our clients’ benefit.

Humility, empathy, & honor are best.

A humble posture ensures our expertise remain available for others’ benefit. Empathy is the magnet between our capabilities and our clients’ greatest opportunities. Preserving honor within our team and with our clients invites more daring, creative thinking as we tackle difficult challenges.

We should be excellent.

We have a responsibility to our peers and our clients to never settle for anything less than excellence. We believe if something is worth doing, it is worth doing with excellence.

Relationships endure, so take care of them.

Above and beyond any business engagement or improvement initiative, there are people involved. Own your commitments within any relationship.

Expertise must be relatable, not aloof.

We are very confident in our own capabilities and expertise, but we’re still just normal people and fellow members of our communities. We relate to our clients in an approachable, generous manner.

Finishing well is better than starting well.

Finishing is harder than starting, but it’s also the bridge between courageous creativity and our commitment to excellence. We follow-through with our peers and our clients. We finish what we start.

Joseph Villanueva

Edifiers Founder

My leadership style is to be a collaborative servant-leader. I believe in open, direct communication, and setting up effective teams who are empowered to drive business. I strive to lead by example, and believe that one of the main functions of leadership is to establish general direction and strategy, but that the most important role is to set up your team to succeed.

For the last decade, as an entrepreneur, project manager, software developer, and management consultant, I’ve sought to find better ways to empower and mobilize teams of people to do great work. I believe in letting the machines do as much mundane work as possible, while releasing talented people to do more of what humans do best: connecting with each other and creating answers that improve the world around them.

I’ve partnered with companies in a wide variety of industries like healthcare administration, non-profit, logistics, manufacturing, e-commerce, cybersecurity, and many more, which has prepared me to recognize key patterns across sectors. I’ve always sought to help my partners and clients connect the dots between digital technology, process architecture, and most importantly, a strong, healthy culture.

I earned a B.A. in Spanish Literature and Communication Studies from Westmont College, an MBA from Indiana University, and I’m a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). When I’m not working or with my family, I love to run and invest in young leaders.