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We help companies connect the dots between their business strategy, processes, technology, and teams. We apply a range of lean and agile strategies to help leaders and teams achieve real business agility. Let us show you how.

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Successful business transformation begins with the hope that better results are possible. Identifying which business outcomes hold the greatest potential for your organization is where profitable improvement begins. Some of the most common transformational priorities and strategic outcomes include:

Internal Predictability

In a rapidly changing environment, predictability is developed internally, enabling your teams to respond confidently to external change. Lean and agile deliver predictability.

Faster Return On Investment

Long planning processes are not effective or reliable in today’s world. Envisioning and building new products, features, and services quickly is an essential capability. Lean and agile methods enable this.

Reduced Costs

As the modern organization grows, it must continually work to standardize and automate its business processes. Lean and agile practices provide the strategic and operational patterns you need to do this again and again.

Greater Innovation

The process of innovation, managed poorly, can be messy and costly, and will discourage your best talent. The key is creating an environment in which teams are able to experiment and learn fast. Lean and agile environment enable this.

Dependable Quality

Growth is good, but the complexities that come with it introduce risks to quality and costly delays. Lean and agile methods can ensure your quality management scales well with the rest of your business.

Better Product / Service Fit

Keeping a pulse on your customers’ needs and preferences is more important than ever. A lean, agile approach ensures early and recurring feedback as part of your product development process.

The business transformation worth your investment and trust is the one your teams can sustain on their own.

We are change leaders, systems thinkers, problem-solvers, and coaches. Our goal is to guide your organization successfully through a lean, agile journey, and to equip and enable your systems and your people with the dynamic, flexible capabilities necessary to sustain the business outcomes we achieve with you.

    True business agility succeeds in high-paced, changing environments because it mobilizes your whole delivery system.

    Becoming a leaner, more agile organization can be planned, measured, and achieved in a transparent, controlled way. We will implement a high-functioning lean, agile system in a small scale pilot within your organization, so you can observe real-life operational improvements quickly. Along the way we will help you identify the key impediments to your company’s progress and work with your leadership team to create a tranformation strategy that acknowledges your current state while implementing changes across team and organizational levels. Your business roadmap will aim directly at achieving your business objectives and will enable you to systematically overcome your organization’s most significant performance obstacles. 

    We help the large and small alike.

    We’ve worked with a growing list of amazing companies across industries, including cybersecurity, healthcare, IT, manufacturing, logistics, and software development.

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    CEO, national snack food manufacturer

    Innovative… not constrained by the typical methods used by most consultants.

    CISO, Real Estate Investment company

    It was remarkable how Edifiers was able to help us clear the fog in our thinking and see how everything was suppose to fit together…I highly recommend.

    Executive Director, Texas-based Nonprofit

    Let us guide you safely to the next level of enterprise performance.

    We specialize in guiding companies who are experiencing growing pains and operational impediments through wise, system-level business transformations. We bring the seasoned experience in strategy planning, delivery system architecture, and transformation leadership necessary to activate better results.

    We’ve helped companies accomplish their most strategic initiatives, including:

    • Launching new programs, products, and services
    • Enabling business intelligence & analytics
    • Stabilizing and optimizing business processes
    • Automating flow with technology
    • Equipping and synchronizing teams
    • Developing servant leadership
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